Queer as Mike and Jay

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A Non-selective high school, students in the main corridor. An Ordinary day.
Jay walks through the crowd and at the end of these IT-illiterate slackers he spots the guy who looks like prolific playwright of whodunnit plays full of twists and turns.
Jay (with grin): Hi...
Mike: Hi, can I help you?
Jay: Yep. I'm curious when I see you, you are always by yourself.
Mike: Because... Maybe I'm a compulsive gambler who earns interest of forgery business and stays out of debt. Or I make rip-off and buy on credit for...
Jay: Come on! Ya poke fun at me! But you really look like a multiple murder now...
Mike (laughing): Thanks. You are so nice to me. You're right. Britain's weather is very changeable and I got up late, because I hardly slept last night.
Jay: We have a little time before the lesson starts, could you answer seriously?
Mike: Of course. I don't know many people here. Because I moved here last week.
Jay: So you have few friends here. Huh. But I can introduce you to a few of mine!
Mike: Now you're really nice.
Jay (kick Mike's leg): Nope. I'm a bad guy!
Ringing. Both Mike and Jay come into the classroom with the others. Their teacher is angry. Nobody in the class did their homework.
Teacher: I put faith in your young uncorrupted brains. The biggest fault!!! Eh, homework was compulsory. Each of you had three answers and every one could be answered correctly. So what happened? Tell me! (silence) I'm not able to teach you. Why? Cos´ You need projections, virtual reality...drugs, money, sex...and it's technically inept!
(monologue goes on)
Mike (whispering): Jay, what's wrong? Doesn´t he menstruate?
Jay: Nope, he's right. Our classmates only play truant. It wasn't such difficult homework. Either of us could did it... without any verification of our own work.
Teacher: ...and the last thing: If you wanna graduate, you needn't conquer space, only discharge curriculum!
Afternoon, Jay's room at college.That was a stupid situation. But it was an idea of Mike's
Jay: I think we're bound to eat something. Help yourself.
Mike: Thank ya. Wanna another cup of coffee?
Jay (in mind): Wow, somebody called me.
Mike: Heeey booooooy!
Jay: Whazzup?!
Mike: Do You Want Coffe? And cheer up... what happened?
Jay: Yea, please. Thanks. Shit Happens! I'd like to introduce you to my friends...
Mike: But?
Jay: I'm sorry, neither Donna nor Patty can come.
Mike: Nevermind. Hey! Patty? I have one elder sister named Patty too. Cool.
Jay (joking): So what are we gonna do? Watch TV? Have beer?
Mike: Read Theodore Dreiser's American Tragedy? Door-to-door transporting our sexy bodies?
Jay: You've certainly read more books than me. Ya said sexy bodies? Uh huh... Ok, we can be the whole evening in the city.
Mike: Great! Let's go and try to shut me up!
The guys pass a music bar for a queer comunity. They look older than they really are. Glance eyeball to eyeball. Come back. Pub's interior. Dancing people. Lights. Fun. Happiness.
Jay (winkling): Is there anybody waiting for us?
Mike: What shall we drink?
Jay: I'll have the same as you. The more friendlier you are, the easier way it is to find some friends. Remember it!
Mike: Ok, All my life will only be about friendship and love.
Jay: Everyone will enjoy the time spent with you, believe me.
Drinking more and more and chatting, people on the full dance floor and love is the DJ.
Mike: Both my boyfriends were from another city. Neither of them loved me. I was only a gay doll for them...
Mike hugs and kisses Jay.
Jay: You could have done it much better!
Mike (embarrassingly): Emm... What happened was my fault. I'm sorry.
Jay: Don't apologize... but... I'm quite tired... Tell me your reason as soon as possible, right? Like you...
Jay and Patty - kids, friends, adults - together for ever and ever. Lounging in the bed. Browsing some photos and pictures. Thinking.
Patty: He is taller than you are.
Jay: What a surprise!
Patty (laughing): Nothing's changed.
Jay: Truth. Truth.
Patty: Have you seen him lately?
Jay: Yes, but he works hard. He has little time for other things.
Patty (mysteriously): So... Are you definitely going away now?
Jay (darkly): Either you help me or I'll never come to you again.
Patty (laughing): Hey... it's ok to be a gay...
Jay: Uh Huh Him? Hey girrrrrl! Everyone is!
Patty: Do you always run like mad?
Jay: Yes. I'm always on time.

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1 Ammee111-SB Ammee111-SB | Web | 1. dubna 2008 v 22:07 | Reagovat

diplomeček za bleskovku!!!!

2 Aňa (Hello) Aňa (Hello) | Web | 1. dubna 2008 v 22:22 | Reagovat

ahojky!! jj er-mail došel kuju strašně moooooooc!

3 Ammee111-SB Ammee111-SB | Web | 2. dubna 2008 v 15:05 | Reagovat

diplomek za bleskovku!!!!

4 MandarinQa MandarinQa | Web | 2. dubna 2008 v 15:46 | Reagovat

a překlad by nebyl prosím?:DDD

děkuju za pochvalu toho banneru :*

5 Zinda Zinda | Web | 2. dubna 2008 v 17:35 | Reagovat

Ahojíky, majitelko ! Mohla by si plsky for me hlásnout ve 3.kole SONB na: lucinkyblog.blog.cz? Byla bych mocinky ráda.A až budeš potřebovat ty, tak písni na blog! ♥Předem dík♥

6 kaja kaja | Web | 2. dubna 2008 v 18:21 | Reagovat

ahoj promin ale já nevim co si chtela za dilom tak sem ti ho

neudelala ale napiš do sedmí bleskovky a tam si napíš dva diplomi ja ti to udelám a napiš to tak aby sem věděla co to je dík

P.S. jedem diplom bude za 1 místo a ten druhej za jak dlouho to stihneš

tak písni pa

7 Elke G. Elke G. | 6. prosince 2009 v 3:19 | Reagovat

I like this story... ><

Pěkný :))

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